1. It’s that time again - the Golden Globes are on Sunday! In honor of one of my favorite days of the year, here are a few pics from the past couple years. I think this year’s going to be a good one - Tina and Amy, JLaw, Matty McC… 

    More from 2013 and 2012 on Flickr. 

  2. unionmetrics:

    The winner of the Oscars on Tumblr? Everyone’s new best friend and the recipient of the 85th Academy Award for Best Actress, Jennifer Lawrence. 

    JLaw was the subject of half of the top ten Oscar-related Tumblr posts, and was the third most popular tag overall. 13k posts were created about the Silver Linings Playbook actress last night, resulting in nearly 1.2 million notes so far. (That sound you hear is the dull roar of a million JLaw GIF-sets being reblogged.) 

    Which moment of the night was your favorite? 

    It’s because Jennifer Lawrence is so great. 

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Jenn Deering Davis

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