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Union Metrics: How the new Twitter API updates will impact TweetReach


As you know, we’ve been working to integrate Twitter’s new API updates into TweetReach. Today, those changes go into effect across TweetReach, so we want to make sure you know what’s changing and how it will impact you. 

We rolled out some updates to TweetReach today. Check out the TweetReach blog for a full list of changes. 

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Analyze any tweets ever with new TweetReach Historical Analytics


As of today, you can now access the full Twitter archive - dating back to March 2006 - for analysis through our new TweetReach Historical Analytics. Analyze any tweets. Ever. 

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Hey, pssst. Something's different.


Have you been to our website lately? There’s something new. 

Sign up to be the first to hear more about our upcoming news or give TweetReach a whirl. 

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What is TweetReach? Watch this short video for an overview of what TweetReach is and how it works to analyze conversations on Twitter. 

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#NBCFail? More like #NBCWin! Final thoughts on NBC’s 2012 Olympic coverage

According to Nielsen, 219.4 million viewers tuned into watch the Olympics on NBC this year. That’s roughly 70% of the US population. If you’re reading this, you were probably one of those 219 million people.

In the more than 50 million tweets posted about the Olympics from July 27 through August 12, some 92,226 tweets included the #NBCFail hashtag. But was the much-maligned tape delay really an #NBCFail?